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We actively promote a green environment by following organic poultry farming practices. We take pride in providing meticulous care for each bird, from the time it enters our farm as a chick. This care starts from the brooder section right up until the birds are matured enough to be taken for food.

This is a tedious, round-the-clock journey for our staff, working day and night. The temperature of the brooders needs to be constantly monitored and maintained at levels that simulate like the mother hen, each individual chick needs to be monitored to ascertain its health condition. This is crucial in protecting not just one chick but the entire pen of chicks from diseases and infections.

Interaction with humans are brought to a bare minimum but cannot be entirely avoided. Therefore, our staffs are trained in handling the birds at all age levels in terms of feeding, monitoring temperatures, providing water, allowing the birds out on the grass for sunshine and fresh greens.


Staff practice a high standard of sanitizing systems in order to make sure they do not carry germs in or out from the cages when caring for the birds.
After the chickens have passed the 55 days of maturity they are ready for production. Once again, staff in the production department follow high standards of hygiene while engaging in their tasks.


We go the extra mile to make absolutely sure that the product you get to your hands is organic, is healthy, is tasty, and is safe for consumption for you and your family. We have people coming back to us over and over again because they can feel and taste the difference! If you haven’t tried our chicken yet, then do so today.

Join hands with us, Go Green, Go Organic by supporting and advocating Orga Chicken.